Our View

Talent needs to connect to the opportunities. However, it can inherently create a situation where talent starts to migrate from society, region and finally country in that pursuit. This creates an imbalance in the society and also a significant effect on the environment. While impact on the society can be explained as unrest due to quality of life differences, effect on environment is more damaging with reference to improper utilization of natural resources.

In order to build a sustainable society, it is important to nurture skills and more importantly to create opportunities. Imparting skills is only a means, so it is extremely important to create conditions in the society for a level playing field. This can be achieved by creating awareness, building infrastructure, instilling the power of empowerment in people.

The growth process of society should be self sufficient that it sustains future while addressing the needs of today.

We strongly believe that the whole process of such transformation should be done closer to the culture, value system and democratic principles of the society.

Who we are

We are a group of like minded people who started this initiative and that resulted in unveiling the “Madhunapantula Foundation” on March 30 2006. We start of our pursuit with our native village

(East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh state) and intend to apply our vision and thought process to work on the transformation.

We also are fully aware that it is easier said than done, easy to dream and challenging to implement. We are also aware that we are not alone in this drive. There have been several successful endeavors for rural transformation initiatives, which provide encouragement for us.

With the technology revolution in communications area, this whole world can be viewed as small network of likeminded individuals or groups. We want to also create or be part of such a network via this initiative by actively sharing experiences, suggestions, practices and models. With that in mind, we would also like to encourage visitors of this website, to feel absolutely free to use the information available here for constructive purpose and also as a contribution to our initiative, share their views, ideas and suggestions. We see this as a movement for transforming rural India into a sustainable intellectual and economic power.