Our Activities

Brief recap:

  • School is now operational with 75 children (kindergarten and Class 1)
  • We have 4 staff members now taking care ofIt is still important to test for websites while writing help can be a blessing to those people with little to no writing expertise. In my experience most of the legitimate sites I’ve found to supply completely free writing help. You can find a great deal of information there, and for exactly the same price you may find a lot including articles and blog-based websites, as well as eBooks on various subjects. essay writers Since so many of us don’t have enough time to write their own book, why not use a quality resource such as Write and Compose, which provides great written composing aid. When you’re in need of some writing aid, take a look at the tools below.teaching and upkeep
  • We have 4 classrooms now (the second building was opened in September 2009)
  • See pictures under the gallery section

Current issues and actions:

Due to the type of roofing, it is getting very hot inside the rooms during the months of March to July (of course the school is closed for summer for a couple of months in between)
Since we don’t have fence protection around the school premises, kids are entering bushes behind the school building
We have now started a crash action.

New improvements in school infrastructure

As of January 2009, Foundation school is hosting 51 kids between ages 4 and 6 in Pallipalem. We have recently refurbished the classrooms with brand new furniture, good flooring, and paints. Every effort is made to make the school present a ‘feel-good’ factor to kids.

New toilets are functioning and the kids are falling into hygienic habits under the supervision of trained house staff.

Industrial training for youth
One of the pre-requisites for setting up rural enterprises is to provide training to rural youth in the real industrial world. This will enable them to learn the tips and tricks of the industry and trade so that they can take the knowledge back to villages.

Inauguration of foundation school
On September the 9th 2007, Madhunapantula Foundation has formally inaugurated the foundation school for children of Pallipalem village. 25 children have been enrolled into kindergarten and these children come from all social sectors of the society.

Computer Education for girls
Madhunapantula Foundation has created a learning platform for girls in Pallipalem village to acquire computer skills. Three (3) personal computers are being shared by 12 girls in the village who show good determination and commitment to make better use of the facility.

Inauguration of the Foundation school facility
A major first step in the realization of the Foundation’s commitment to building a sustainable rural development process has been achieved on the 15th of August 2008 in Pallipalem village. In the presence of children, parents, and well-wishers, the ribbons were cut to formally open the classrooms.