Inauguration of foundation school

On September the 9th 2007, Madhunapantula Foundation has formally inaugurated the foundation school for children of Pallipalem village. 25 children have been enrolled in kindergarten and these children come from all social sectors of the society. The foundation has also introduced uniform for the children to make sure the social or economic status is not visible among the kids whose sole focus should be to simply have fun and possibly learn as well.

Foundation has initiated a health food program for the students. A course of warm milk and nutritious snacks will be served to the kids while they are in the school. The school starts at 10 AM and will run till 1500 hrs. Mrs. Uma Devi, a qualified teacher who is also passionate about rural development and transformation has come forward to take the role of teacher.

Madhunapantula Foundation thanks all those who supported this initiative in various ways.