Industrial training for youth

One of the pre-requisites for setting up rural enterprises is to provide training to rural youth in the real industrial world. This will enable them to learn the tips and tricks of the industry and trade so that they can take the knowledge back to villages. Adding knowledge and skills to the spirited youth will prepare them better for rural industry setup.

Madhunapantula foundation profoundly thanks Mr. Jeevan Reddy and Mr. G.S. Rao for encouraging the foundation’s endeavor to provide industrial training to the rural youth. With their help, two young men from Pallipalem village Venkata Reddy and Nagaraju have been inducted in an eco-friendly paper cup manufacturing facility as trainees.

The goals for the next six months (ending August 2007) are:

  • Two village youth technically trained on small scale industry operations
  • Ensure the parent paper cup manufacturing unit is ably supported by committed manpower
  • Prepare a project proposal for starting a subcontracted paper cup manufacturing facility in Pallipalem using the knowledge of trained people, with loyalty to the parent manufacturing facility.