Foundation School in Pallipalem, School is nearer than home

Foundation School in Pallipalem, School is nearer than home

September 9, 2007, is going to be an important milestone in Madhunapantula Foundation’s initiatives in Pallipalem. Foundation School, a learning environment for children below 10 years of age will be set up in the village. The non-commercial and not-for-profit initiative is set to stimulate the art of learning among children and inculcate school-going habit.

Some key principles for the Foundation School:

Not for profit; no commercial impact for children or parents

Focus on learning than teaching

Target age group is children of 3 to 10 years

Special focus to maintain entry to all social segments of society; importance to the lower middle class and below poverty line children

What this school is not:

It is not a replacement for the local government school not will compete with it

It is not a certificate issuance body

It will not be a commercial entity

Plan of approach:

Start with kindergarten classes for the age groups of 3 to 5 years

Increase the capacity by one grade each year

Stabilize after the school reaches its desired capacity with 5th grade

In parallel, work with the local high school to bring efficiency from 7th grade till 10th grade via interventions

Seek sponsorships for the ongoing activities of the foundation school